Namie Nagamatsu


Book chapter (selected)
  • Nagamatsu, Namie, 2022, “Social Isolation of Welfare Recipients (生活保護受給者の社会的孤立)”, Eiji Kawano ed., Osaka Kobe metropolitan area studies (阪神都市圏の研究), Nakanishiya Publications, Inc., 249-268. (in Japanese)
  • Nagamatsu, Namie, 2021, “Decrease in Income and Household Finances of the Self-Employed During the Covid-19 Pandemic (コロナ禍のフリーランスの収入減少と家計悪化)”, Yoshio Higuchi and The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training (eds.), Transformation of Individuals and Firms in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Work, Life, Disparities and Support Measures (コロナ禍における個人と企業の変容――働き方・生活・格差と支援策), Keio University Press, 309-325. (in Japanese)
  • Nagamatsu, Namie, 2021, “The Quality of Work of Interpersonal Service Workers (対人サービス労働者の「仕事の質」)”, Tsutomu Watanabe, Toru Kikkawa and Yoshimichi Sato (eds.), The Structure of Social Stratification in the Middle-Stage of Life (人生中期の階層構造), University of Tokyo Press, 53-66. (in Japanese)
  • Nagamatsu, Namie, 2021, “Mental Health of Immigrants: Focusing on Stressors and Social Relations after Migration (移民のメンタルヘルス――移住後のストレス要因と社会関係に注目して), Kikuko Nagayoshi ed., Immigrant Integration in Japan: Current Status and Challenges (日本の移民統合――全国調査から見る現況と障壁), Akashi Shoten, 163-185.(in Japanese)

Journal articles (selected)
  • Nagamatsu, Namie and Mizuki Makagoshi, 2022, “Characteristics of Clients of the Toyonaka City Self-Reliance Support for Needy Persons and Their Evaluation of the Support Services (豊中市・自立相談支援窓口への来談者の特徴と支援サービスへの評価)”, Social Policy and Labor Studies (社会政策), 14(2): 58-69. (in Japanese)
  • Nagamatsu, Namie, 2021, “Japanese labor studies: Women and non-standard workers”, International Sociology Review, 36(2): 194-205.
  • Nagamatsu, Namie, 2020, “Unions and Rising Wage Inequality in Japan: Evidence from RIF Regressions and the Decomposition Method (労働組合と賃金格差拡大――RIF回帰分析および要因分解法による検討)”, Japanese Sociological Review (社会学評論), 71(3): 394-410. (in Japanese)
  • Nagamatsu, Namie, 2018, “Comparative Analysis of Various Occupational Status Indexes in Social Stratification Research (階級・階層研究における多様な職業的地位尺度の比較分析)”, Japanese Journal of Labour Studies (日本労働研究雑誌), 697: 18-28. (in Japanese) 
  • Nagamatsu, Namie, 2016, “Working Conditions in the Service Economy : A Focus on Job Quality (サービス産業化がもたらす働き方の変化――「仕事の質」に注目して)”,  Japanese Journal of Labour Studies (日本労働研究雑誌), 666: 27-39. (in Japanese)
  • Nagamatsu, Namie, 2015, “Inter-Industry Wage Differentials in Japan: Evidence from Quantile Regressions,” KWANSEI GAKUIN UNIVERSITY SOCIAL SCIENCES REVIEW, vol.19: 25-50.